Rib / Fish Basket Spit


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Rib / Fish Basket Spit

000-311-(R,L) 3-arm, 6 compartment
000-303-(4R,4L) 4-arm, 8 compartment 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the variations in spit lengths, each Rib/Fish Basket Spit is custom cut to order. Please call 1.880.988.8103 to speak with a member of our sales team to place your order. 

The Rib/ Fish Basket Spit is available in a 3-arm, 6 compartment, or in a 4-arm, 8 compartment model. On the 4-arm spit, each compartment is suitable for a full rack of ribs, a sizeable salmon fillet or several smaller cuts of meat. On the 3-arm spit, the size of each compartment makes it ideal for larger items such as tri-tip roasts and pork loins. The laser-cut containment flap is spring-loaded for easy loading and unloading.